Is it too hot or too cold in different rooms?

What Causes Uneven Room Temperatures

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For homeowners in North Texas, having uneven room temperatures can be a real inconvienence. To keep family and guests comfy in your home, it is very important to keep temperature levels consistent throughout.

Common Occurances

The most common occurance of uneven room temperature happens with multi-level homes. This is due to the fact that heat naturally rises and causes upper levels to have warmer temperatures. This is very common and to be expected to a degree. If the change is very noticable and uncomfortable, you or an HVAC technician may need to assess potential problems with your heating or cooling.

If you find that rooms on the same level are uneven temperatures, there are a few issues you can check for before giving us a call!

What Can I Do?

Issues to check for

Air Filters - A dirty air filter can block a lot of air that's being circulated throughout your rooms. Make sure to regularly change out air filters to avoid this!

Obstructed Vents - Make sure the air vents in your rooms are unobstructed by furniture. A little re-organization can fix this issue fast and even out room temperatures.

Dusty Vents - Similar to air filters, vents can also build up dirt and dust that can block air to your rooms. These should be cleaned regularly to minimize pollutants and maximize air flow.

Ductwork and HVAC Unit Size - We do not recommend checking these yourself, as it can be dangerous without proper HVAC training. That's what we're here for! Give Milestone a call and we will send a licensed HVAC technician to check your ducts for blockages. They can also check your HVAC system and make sure it is large enough to efficiently cool and heat your home.


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